Facebook Credits is a virtual currency that enables people to purchase items in games and non-gaming applications on the Facebook Platform. One Facebook Credit is currently valued at $0.10 USD ($1.00 USD = 10 Facebook Credits)Facebook Credits are currently available in 15 currencies including U.S. dollars, pound sterling, euros, and Danish kroner Eventually, it’s expected Facebook will expand Credits into a micro-payment system open to any Facebook application, whether a game or a media company application.

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The China based e-commerce site Alibaba earns the biggest turnover on every year. Day after day, there comes much awaited news of Alibaba on all media like internet, newspaper and in TV channels. The Economic giants could easily win over the world commercial internet websites with their non-leaked success secrets. The USA commercial sites like Amazon and EBay could make only the half of its annual profit together.

298The world illustrious companies wonder how it could make mammoth profit with lightning speed in various internet websites and occupy the first place for years in business among its competitors. It could invest in many businesses from shopping sites to cloud computing sectors and earn profits to sky level.

Alibaba recently opened a commercial site 11 Main in the USA. The online shopping site sells variety of dress materials worn by world celebrities. The site’s outline designed in neutral colours rather than gaudy ones. 11 Main has goods from A to Z, and it has goods for all walks of life in affordable prices to attract more crowds to its shopping portal. Sources and customers say that 11 Main gives a type of street shopping experience rather than Multiplex shopping malls, for they have no idea on what shop comes next. Products and shops are randomly arranged in 11 Main.

11 Main’s sole aim is to make the users to buy products from its site as it has a long list of products category. Most of the products in this site are made and come from the US cities like San Francisco and California but raw materials might come from other countries. With this shopping site launch, it gained a place in history with the largest initial public offerings (IPO).

From its launch with less than two decades it could open many companies: Laiwang, Youku Tudou, China Yahoo, Ali Express, are the few to name some of its successful companies.

What is morbid obesity?
It is a serious health defect that could interfere with the basic physical functions of the body such as walking and breathing. Morbid obesity puts the patients at a greater risk of other illnesses like sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. Morbid obese patients have a high BMI (body mass index), that is, too much fat for their height. It is not the same as being overweight.
Causes of Morbid Obesity

big belly of a fat man isolated on white

Morbid obesity comes up when there is too much fat stored in the body. This results if your body does not use the calories it stores as much as the amount you intake. Your meal habits could also cause you to be morbid obese especially when you don’t have much time to exercise or plan your meal. Depression, anxiety as well as some birth control pills could also cause you to gain weight hence morbid obesity overtime.
You could be moving towards morbid obesity if you gain weight and register a BMI above 30.
To diagnose morbid obesity, an estimate of a patient’s body fat content is done which is calculated using their height and weight. The circumference of the waist is also measured in some occasions. BMI varies by age, sex and ethnicity but the acceptable ration is from 10 to 22 percent for men and 20 to 32 for women. A skinfold test could also be done by measuring the fold of skin in either the arm, thigh or abdomen with a caliper.
The following are some of the most effective ways to get rid of morbid obesity;
Sticking to a strict diet and exercise routine.
Getting a prescription for weight loss drugs.
Surgery could come in handy if all the above fail to work. Could help prevent associated illnesses.
Morbid obesity is very dangerous to your life and it is important that you stick to a healthy diet and engage in regular exercise to keep it off.
Final Word
Morbid obesity catches up with anyone irrespective of age and you might want to take control of what your family members eat and their lifestyle in general.

One of the most effective ways of losing those extra pounds is by using bee pollen diet pills. These pills go deep into to your body cells then discompose the fat before expelling it out of your body. They also inhibit the conversion of sugars and carbohydrates into fat thus reducing fat buildup.

The pills will eliminate 60 percent of dietary fat out of your body thus minimizing fat absorption. It also catalyzes metabolism, speeding the burning rate of excessive fats and enables your body to exercise for 24 hours. It’s important to be on the lookout for the kind of pills you buy as some may react badly with your body or may not be fit for human consumption. 

Vimax Detox on the other hand works by clearing your body off waste and at the same time reducing cases of bloat by detoxifying your colon. The human body is filled with toxins which may have dire consequences if not cleared. Research has shown that this supplement clears waste from your system, cleanses both the colon and other internal organs. Digestion is also aided by this supplement which will prove vital in losing that extra weight. 

The five ingredients that are contained in this supplement are: Pysllium husk, Senna Leaf, Rhubarb root, Ginger root and Apple fiber. These ingredients work in tandem to ensure that you not only lose weight but also reduce chances of getting diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Psyllium husk is rich in dietary fiber which is essential in relieving cases of constipation and diarrhea. Senna leaf produces a chemical known as anthraquinone glycosides which stimulates the colon. Ginger root helps in the breakdown of protein while Rhubarb root expels toxins found in the intestinal tract. This particular ingredient has laxative properties that are essential in the control of digestive issues. 

The 2 Day Diet pills- ever heard of such a wonder drug? Well it is a slimming pill. A short cut to regain a fantabulous and sexy figure that too within a short span of time. Truly unbelievable! 2 Day Diet Japan Lingzhi, the manufacturer claims that the product is a wonderful medicine based on an ancient Chinese formula.

2 day diet lingzhiIn this busy world where people hardly have time for anything, the increasing concern amongst the people is obesity.  Obesity results from a carefree idle life without any exercise, people don’t want to exercise, and they need short cuts to reduce their weight. In such a scenario, they look into something which helps them to shed off their extra calories within a few days.

How safe are these wonder pills:  The 2 Day Diet Japan Lingzhi pills were among the 28 other diet pills which got a warning from the FDA as it contains a dangerous substance named Sibutramine.  The 2 Day Diet Japan Lingzhi pills work by digesting the fat as fast as it is consumed. The pill works by increasing the metabolic rate and suppressing the hunger. These metabolic boosters will never be safe for our body.

The main culprit in 2 Day Diet pill is the Sibutramine which is similar to the amphetamines and might lead to heart attacks, strokes or even to death. These pills are also responsible for causing cancer.  One should take notice that even with the label of the 2 Day Diet pills bottle, the ingredient Sibutramine is not listed. These diet pills also have addictive substances in it which will make the people addicted to the pill. Most people in order to get slim within a shorter span will take more tablets and the result will be a catastrophe.

Please don’t risk your life taking shortcuts to reduce excess pounds of your body, only hard work can help you to achieve proper and safer results.