Facebook Credits is a virtual currency that enables people to purchase items in games and non-gaming applications on the Facebook Platform. One Facebook Credit is currently valued at $0.10 USD ($1.00 USD = 10 Facebook Credits)Facebook Credits are currently available in 15 currencies including U.S. dollars, pound sterling, euros, and Danish kroner Eventually, it’s expected Facebook will expand Credits into a micro-payment system open to any Facebook application, whether a game or a media company application.

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When your travel budget is tight, try a “staycation.” A staycation is a way to indulge yourself in relaxation with all the fun of sightseeing around your own local area.

Perhaps, it’s been a while since you and your family explored all of the hidden treasures in your town or state. Plan your staycation ahead and do a bit of research on the sites that are available locally and regionally. Even a very small town has nooks and crannies to discover with a little bit of pre-planning. The best way to find them is at a local library or regional museum.

Today, most municipalities have websites with complete information on things to do, sites to visit and a complete calendar of current events like festivals, local fairs and carnivals. Every town has a park where a complete day of enjoying nature and fresh air is possible. Some even have biking, ball fields and nature centers to explore. The best place to find sports while on staycation is at the local Little League field. Root for your favorite team and enjoy refreshments at the refreshment stand.

Plan one of your staycation days for a walking tour of historic homes, building and cemeteries. Or, check out a local art gallery. A staycation is also a great time to start a new hobby. This is free time as it was meant to be.

This is also a good time to try out your town’s new restaurant or a new menu at your favorite local eatery. Towns are always full of entertainment if you keep your eyes wide open for local news events and promotions for music and dance festivals.

The best part of a staycation is getting back in touch with your town, neighbors and friends and discovering a whole new world in the town where you live.

You shouldn’t need a travel article to tell you about the biggest sites in Paris. It’s beyond likely that if you are going there, you know all about things like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre and all of the others. They are known by just about everyone around the world. Don’t get me wrong; they are absolutely magnificent and absolutely worth visiting. However, the true beauty of any city is in the lesser known sights that really bring all the charm to the city. And there is hardly a more beautiful city than Paris, the City of Lights.


It is always good to start with the amazing food of Paris because no matter what kind of traveler you are, you are going to have to eat. It’s really hard to go wrong in Paris as it comes to food. I strongly encourage you to follow your nose. Find the building that smells the best and enjoy, particularly if you can’t understand the chalkboard menu on the street. There is nothing better than a little adventure with delicious food.

Another beautiful thing about Paris is the street food. My personal favorite would have to be the crepe stands in Paris. There are plenty of restaurants that serve crepes but it really is hard to beat a well-made crepe. Normally, in America, we think of crepes as a dessert dish. In Paris, they go from main course all the way to dessert. Personally, I would have to recommend splitting a savory and sweet crepe because they are both so delicious.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery
273It may sound a little morbid to go visit a cemetery but Pere Lachaise is absolutely worth it. The history that rests in the cemeteries of Europe makes our histories pale in comparison. In addition, the cemetery serves as the final resting place of several well-known names, including famous non-Frenchmen like Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde. Taking a nice walk around the cemetery will be a fascinating experience. The cemetery does lie a bit out of the way of the rest of Paris but it is truly extraordinary, especially for the history buffs.

Rue Cler

This charming and bustling boulevard is one of the hubs of activity for Parisian locals. There are markets of all sorts, from regular grocers and specialty markets to stores that sell just about anything you can imagine (I personally bought a piece of luggage here that I needed!). It is anything but your typical tourist trap. Locals frequent and in fact live their daily lives on this street, hopping from market to market for their daily needs. If you want to flow seamlessly with the daily life of Paris, the Rue Cler is the place for you.

Shakespeare and Company

Paris is one of the world’s great literature capitals. Writers of all nationalities used to flock to Paris to get inspiration for their great works. Such incredible works are interwoven into the fabric of Paris that it is simply unbelievable. For the bibliophile, there is no greater heaven in Paris than Shakespeare and Company. This is the English speaking bookstore with a simply unmatched collection. Including an amazing contemporary collection, this is nothing compared to their collectible section. Filled with rare books and editions, this is a must see in Paris.

As we can see here, this is just the beginning of what you can see in Paris. The beauty of travel is to explore for yourself and make your own memories. There is no better city for this kind of meandering travel than Paris.

If you own a business, you must look for ways to innovate, and this entrepreneurial duty may feel like a burden when your motivation is low. You can solicit new business ideas from the people who work in your business. Employees understand your customers because they work with them every day. Building an innovative business culture requires managing ideas from wherever they originate.

If innovation is integral to how your small business operates, the business culture will be responsive to customer needs. Here are five tips for building an innovative business culture:

1. Create multiple ways for people to share ideas with decision-makers. For example, give each department manager a budget for creativity software. Let managers determine which ideas will be copied from the department software to the central knowledge management database. Managers can also seek input about ideas under development in their department on the company Intranet.

2. Establish rules for how employees contribute to proprietary projects in the research and development (R&D) stage. This is important whether your business is structured around a vertical chain of authority or if there is a general de-emphasis on job titles. People working on a project should have some flexibility to conduct research in the market, including surveying customers and suppliers, as long as they aren’t giving away company secrets.

3. Become the head of R&D function in the business. Some entrepreneurs realize early on that they need to hire an executive officer to manage business operations. Then they specialize in one or more activities within the business. If you want to research and test new ideas, work in R&D and allow time in your schedule to attend the most important meetings arranged by the executive officer.

4. Create training for managers on how to screen ideas and project proposals sent up the chain of command. Managers should focus on the most promising ideas, but the small business also needs safeguards to ensure that employees screening ideas do not toss out good ideas because they don’t perceive their business potential. Reviewing new ideas is one example of how your company’s investment in creativity software and knowledge management software will support the actions of the management team.

5. Respond to ideas from employees, customers, and suppliers. For example, you can personally respond to emails, memos, telephone calls, and other forms of contact related to innovation. A quick response, even just to say when you will get back to someone, is better than letting good ideas sit unrecognized. Responsiveness means that you show how much you value ideas by acknowledging their source in a timely manner.

A small business that does not foster a culture of innovation is doomed to become irrelevant to consumers. Whatever you can do to support innovation will help your employees take ownership of their roles in the company. They will be able to see how their ideas help set the strategic direction for your small business. You can also see the long-term effects of innovation on your sales revenues and profits.

Clarinet players must select reeds that allow them to achieve a resonant, projecting tone, while still delivering the flexibility necessary for clean attacks, rapid tonguing, and technical passage work. One should select a reed strength apropos to the mouthpiece tip aperture in question; then, one should wet the heel of the reed with saliva and blow firmly while sealing the heel with tight lip pressure. Observe the top of the reed, and if bubbles form easily, discard the reed because the xylem is too large for proper vibration.
Adjusting reeds requires proper tools. For small adjustments, 400 sandpaper is excellent, but reed rush is better for removing large amounts of cane from the reed surface. For the finest adjustments, select a well-balanced, extremely sharp reed knife.

The interior heart of the reed should be a reverse V-shape, and the middle of the reed, or spine, should remain thicker than either the tip or the rails. Hold the reed to the light to see where there is more cane on either side of the spine. Remove cane slowly with your reed-adjusting tools, and test the reed by playing throughout the process. Remember, it is not possible to put cane back on the reed, so one should never remove large amounts of cane. The two rails should be equally thin in order to produce a deep, resonant tone that flows freely.

Harrison County is located in the hills of North Central West Virginia and is well known for its Italian heritage and cuisine. Italian bakeries where you can enjoy fresh baked bread and delicious pepperoni rolls are a common sight throughout the county. At the center of Harrison County is Clarksburg, the birthplace of General Thomas J. Stonewall Jackson and home to the West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival. Located on Emily Drive in Clarksburg is a large shopping complex that stretches for many miles. Here you will find stores such as Walmart Super Center, Game Stop, Pet Supplies Plus, A.C. Moore’s, BlockBuster and Staples. When your stomach begins to grumble, stop at one of the many restaurant chains in the complex including Ruby Tuesday’s, Panera Bread, Texas Roadhouse, Applebee’s and Denny’s. For those with a sweet tooth, grab some delicious ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery before heading to one of the many affordable yet luxurious Hilton Garden Inn located within walking distance of many stores and restaurants.

WV-JeffersonJust a few minutes away from Clarksburg is Bridgeport, a bustling city filled with restaurants, golf courses and shopping centers. The Meadowbrook Mall — located in Bridgeport — houses Cinemark Cinemas that shows all the latest releases in a newly designed theater. Bridgeport is also home to Pete Dye Golf Club, which was voted #10 for America’s Best Modern Courses by Golf Week and #45 for America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses by Golf Digest.

One of Harrison County’s best aspects is it scenery. While visiting the area, just take a few hour drive through all the small towns nestled throughout the county to find hidden gems known only to the locals. In Meadowbrook right off Route 19 is Sunset Drive-In Theater. One of the few fully operationally drive-ins still open during the summer. Right across from the drive-in is Ellis Restaurant where you can experience arguably one of the best Giovanni sandwiches you will ever taste. On Saturday mornings from spring through fall, the drive-in parking lot located behind Ellis Restaurant morphs into a large flea market filled with rows upon rows of sellers offering a wide array of items.

While visiting Harrison County West Virginia stray from the big cities and experience small town life where people sit on their porches telling stories of yesterdays past and can homemade blackberry jam for their neighbors.

A common misconception is that a baby who is walking cannot be developmentally delayed. The truth is that a baby does not have to be falling short of all major and minor milestones in order to qualify as being developmentally delayed. In fact, many babies are delayed in one area or another, even though they may be crawling, walking and talking!

421What is a Developmental Delay?
A developmental delay is any type of major lag in a baby’s physical, emotional, social, behavioral or cognitive development. A delay can be significant in one part of a baby’s development, while other parts are right on track. A baby might be perfectly capable of walking, but may not be able to communicate his needs, or interact with his caregivers.

Common Types of Developmental Delays
One of the most common developmental delays is autism. Autism is a severe developmental disorder that usually begins during the first two and a half years of age. It is a broad spectrum and it has far-reaching effects that can touch on all aspects of a baby’s development.
Other common types of developmental delays include Asperger Syndrome (a very specific form of autism), PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder), and general delays with speech, behavior, cognition and physical development.


Diagnosing a developmental delay in a walking baby, or a younger baby or even a toddler usually begins with an evaluation. This may be done by the child’s physician, but in some cases it may be better to select a behavioral agency that specializes in developmental delays.
Diagnosing involves evaluating the baby, and questioning the parents in order to gain information on the baby’s development thus far.


There are many treatment options available for babies with developmental delays. Occupational and physical therapy can help babies learn to communicate their needs and interact with others. Special types of therapy can help babies who have sensory and integration issues.

One of the best resources for treatment options is the state-funded Early Intervention program. Every state has one, and funding is provided through insurance or through the state, so no family will be turned away or forced to turn down treatment options due to being unable to pay.

Depending on the severity of a baby’s developmental delay, treatment may need to be sought out for several months, years, or for a significant portion of the child’s life.


The one thing parents of developmentally delayed children need the most is support, not just for their babies but for themselves. Having a developmentally delayed child can be stressful, disappointing and overwhelming. It’s important to find resources to help support you as you learn to support your developmentally delayed baby. Resources might include your baby’s physician, a state-funded agency, and even a licensed therapist that is experienced in providing support for parents of special needs babies and toddlers.

TGV trains are comfortable, quick and an efficient way to get around in Europe. Many people like to use this means of transportation, since it is also reliable, and the service goes through 150 destinations across Paris as well as other European destinations. 
TGV EST à Hellemmes 30 Aout 2005All travelers can take a trip at a high-speed across the French border into Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Italy with great ease. There are many affordable rates, with trustworthy schedules while making connections from Eurostar to TGV services in Paris or Lille.

Enjoy a relaxing trip with the family or with a friend at low prices, especially if you plan your trip and purchase your ticket well ahead of time. You can view the beautiful French countryside from the economy class or comfort first-class seat, while travelling up to 200 miles an hour.

Most trains start off from Paris, the major hub for TGV trains. The connections to Lille and Nice can be made with other trains, simply by changing the platform on which you get off.

So how do you book the best fare to Nice? 

There are First Class and Standard or Economy class fares, so you can choose the best option and the one that suits you the most when you are purchasing your ticket to Nice, whether it is from Paris or from Lille.
Some rates provide more flexibility in refunds or changing schedules. The more the flexibility, the more expensive the cost of the ticket you will pay. Also if there are any trains to change or make connections during your trip in getting to your final destination and that in itself will most definitely reduce the price of the ticket.

Here are some suggestions to look into: 

• Research your journey to find out if you will need to make any connections.
• Try to look at all the fare options, if they are available, before you make your final decision and always book early.
• Allow ample time for yourself, so as to be able to make all the connections, if in case you need to change trains and platforms – The recommended lead time is as follows:
- 15-30 minutes for train changes within the same station
- 1 to 1 hour and 30 minutes for changes of trains between different stations
• Book your journey 90 to 120 days in advance of your trip
• Give your email to the ticket agent who will be able to notify you if there are any price specials or schedule changes
• Prices can go from US$112 to US$220 depending on the class of seating you select 

Have a great adventure!

The China based e-commerce site Alibaba earns the biggest turnover on every year. Day after day, there comes much awaited news of Alibaba on all media like internet, newspaper and in TV channels. The Economic giants could easily win over the world commercial internet websites with their non-leaked success secrets. The USA commercial sites like Amazon and EBay could make only the half of its annual profit together.

298The world illustrious companies wonder how it could make mammoth profit with lightning speed in various internet websites and occupy the first place for years in business among its competitors. It could invest in many businesses from shopping sites to cloud computing sectors and earn profits to sky level.

Alibaba recently opened a commercial site 11 Main in the USA. The online shopping site sells variety of dress materials worn by world celebrities. The site’s outline designed in neutral colours rather than gaudy ones. 11 Main has goods from A to Z, and it has goods for all walks of life in affordable prices to attract more crowds to its shopping portal. Sources and customers say that 11 Main gives a type of street shopping experience rather than Multiplex shopping malls, for they have no idea on what shop comes next. Products and shops are randomly arranged in 11 Main.

11 Main’s sole aim is to make the users to buy products from its site as it has a long list of products category. Most of the products in this site are made and come from the US cities like San Francisco and California but raw materials might come from other countries. With this shopping site launch, it gained a place in history with the largest initial public offerings (IPO).

From its launch with less than two decades it could open many companies: Laiwang, Youku Tudou, China Yahoo, Ali Express, are the few to name some of its successful companies.

What is morbid obesity?
It is a serious health defect that could interfere with the basic physical functions of the body such as walking and breathing. Morbid obesity puts the patients at a greater risk of other illnesses like sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. Morbid obese patients have a high BMI (body mass index), that is, too much fat for their height. It is not the same as being overweight.
Causes of Morbid Obesity

big belly of a fat man isolated on white

Morbid obesity comes up when there is too much fat stored in the body. This results if your body does not use the calories it stores as much as the amount you intake. Your meal habits could also cause you to be morbid obese especially when you don’t have much time to exercise or plan your meal. Depression, anxiety as well as some birth control pills could also cause you to gain weight hence morbid obesity overtime.
You could be moving towards morbid obesity if you gain weight and register a BMI above 30.
To diagnose morbid obesity, an estimate of a patient’s body fat content is done which is calculated using their height and weight. The circumference of the waist is also measured in some occasions. BMI varies by age, sex and ethnicity but the acceptable ration is from 10 to 22 percent for men and 20 to 32 for women. A skinfold test could also be done by measuring the fold of skin in either the arm, thigh or abdomen with a caliper.
The following are some of the most effective ways to get rid of morbid obesity;
Sticking to a strict diet and exercise routine.
Getting a prescription for weight loss drugs.
Surgery could come in handy if all the above fail to work. Could help prevent associated illnesses.
Morbid obesity is very dangerous to your life and it is important that you stick to a healthy diet and engage in regular exercise to keep it off.
Final Word
Morbid obesity catches up with anyone irrespective of age and you might want to take control of what your family members eat and their lifestyle in general.

One of the most effective ways of losing those extra pounds is by using bee pollen diet pills. These pills go deep into to your body cells then discompose the fat before expelling it out of your body. They also inhibit the conversion of sugars and carbohydrates into fat thus reducing fat buildup.

The pills will eliminate 60 percent of dietary fat out of your body thus minimizing fat absorption. It also catalyzes metabolism, speeding the burning rate of excessive fats and enables your body to exercise for 24 hours. It’s important to be on the lookout for the kind of pills you buy as some may react badly with your body or may not be fit for human consumption. 

Vimax Detox on the other hand works by clearing your body off waste and at the same time reducing cases of bloat by detoxifying your colon. The human body is filled with toxins which may have dire consequences if not cleared. Research has shown that this supplement clears waste from your system, cleanses both the colon and other internal organs. Digestion is also aided by this supplement which will prove vital in losing that extra weight. 

The five ingredients that are contained in this supplement are: Pysllium husk, Senna Leaf, Rhubarb root, Ginger root and Apple fiber. These ingredients work in tandem to ensure that you not only lose weight but also reduce chances of getting diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Psyllium husk is rich in dietary fiber which is essential in relieving cases of constipation and diarrhea. Senna leaf produces a chemical known as anthraquinone glycosides which stimulates the colon. Ginger root helps in the breakdown of protein while Rhubarb root expels toxins found in the intestinal tract. This particular ingredient has laxative properties that are essential in the control of digestive issues.