I couldn't forgot BioMats . It change my life. I met expat a man  and knew right away he was someone that had the energy to light up a room, and really you can't ask for anything better! He introduced me to the BioMats .  when I was experiencing a bit of a health crisis. I did my research before buying one right away, but what really blew my mind was that expat man came to my house and let me sample one for a whole weekend, so I could understand how to use it properly and the real benefits. 
I really loved having it for that weekend, and knew the bio mat was something that could help my overall healing. I read so much about it online and really couldn't find anything negative, because science could back up the benefits this mat provides. 
I lay on this bio mat every night, and couldn't be more happy knowing I was able to get one and help heal myself thanks to bio mat and than man.


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