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There were organizations like Consolut, which had provided SAP IDES accesses free of cost in the past, but all of them are now closed. SAP had also released a service called MiniSAP in which they provided 90-days trial period, but that also has been scrapped.If you are keen on practice, I would suggest getting access to a IDES server for a monthly fee.You should click here the webaite. This is a much better option than any free server because, the configuration/customizing that you would painstakingly build in your server will not be gone if the "free" server disappears overnight.As far as I know there is no free SAP environments you can use to try and demonstrate SAP systems and products. There are several paid resources that allow you to connect to SAP and try all the features you want. you should visit the website and you will be benifited.


  1. You have shared a great information, I didn't know about the latest update of SAP, It will be better for me to take sap access. Find the best SAP Online Access service provider for practice.


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