About clicksure

ClickSure believes in the power of connecting people. So, unlike traditional networks, we allow Advertisers, Vendors and Affiliates to communicate with each other directly. This enables you to cut out the usual headaches caused by having a network as a middle-man and enables you to focus on growing your business.
However, making money on ClickSure will require some thinking on your part, because they have a very bad reputation in the internet marketing industry.

In this post, I’ll discuss what this bad reputation is all about, as well as how to make money with ClickSure products (and affiliate marketing in general). By the end of this post, you’ll have a general business plan of how to get started!

It is almost impossible to tell what companies run out of Mauritius since they are a secrecy jurisdiction country that does not require that a company’s ownership be put on public record, among other nefarious practices.

Be very careful when looking for internet marketing products and search for the Clicksure logos, Clicksure Networks emblems or associations with any scam products and avoid them when you can.


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