Digital Altitude Review

 Digital Altitude Review is a very important thing.I thought this was beneficial because it covers practically every way of learning possible – you’ve got audio, visual, and text to read if you’re one of those types of people. You also get access to a coach who can help you out if you ever get stuck with anything.

Like I said, there are a few fundamental principles in here that would be beneficial for someone completely new to this sort of stuff – principles such as traffic, conversion, selling high vs. low priced items, reinvesting, etc.Essentially, you get commissions dependent upon how many people you sign up, and which product they purchase. A buck for a trial sounds reasonable, right? The turning point comes when you see the price points for the other products they’re offering. In their training, they talk about how the key to a successful business is to sell high priced products in a digital format so that you can benefit from a number of things.The main reason I wouldn’t recommend the product is because I don’t believe that the sales claims are aligned with the system that they’re offering.It’s hard enough to separate an internet customer from a few hundred dollars, yet alone $27,000. The basic premise of the success system is to find leads, funnel them down the sales funnel and hope they buy the most expensive products so you can get a bigger commission. This is the “success system” that will help you to make 6 figures in 90 days or less like the training says so.


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